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Okay, let's collect the last 3 years in a nut shell, shall we?

September 2012- had our first son, Hunter.
October 2012- near death postpartum hemorrhage, blood transfusion, unspecified clotting disorder diagnosis, Hashimoto's disease diagnosis.

Turns out, I had thyroid disease throughout my pregnancy and it was never caught on any of the blood work by the so-called specalists.  Gained 60 pounds with the pregnancy and come hell or high water, it wasn't coming off.

By Hunter's 2nd birthday in 2014, I had gotten down to 128 pounds (5'5), but I wasn't happy, that's still 20 pounds heavier than I was used to being and feeling like myself.  I had also found myself 800 miles from my family, living in a remote affluent suburb of San Diego County where the women wore Prada to the park and I was often mistaken for Hunter's nanny or my housekeeper.

March 2015- Pregnant again, go to an endocrinologist to manage Hashimotos disease during pregnancy.  Nothing sends your thyroid through hell, like a bun in the oven.  We discuss adding a T3 hormone to the T4 hormone that I'm already taking, but ultimately decide to wait until after the birth before adding new meds.

December 2014- had our second son, Tanner.  I gained 45 pounds this time, not as bad with the thyroid medications this time around.  Totally difference pregnancy experience.  He was breech, I had a c-section, 3 days later we were home and I sign up for a 5k and vow to get my 150 pound ass on a 5 foot 5 inch frame not back into the svelt 105 pound body that it once was, but into a Hashimotos body that I could live with and accept and be okay with. BMI: 25

January 2015- Training begins for the 5k, endocriniologist adds the T3 medication.

March 2015- Run the 5k, place top 100 out of 500 women.  130 pounds BMI: 21.6

August 2015- I turn 31, am running 30 miles per week, 110 pounds BMI: 18.3

October 2015- Been a stressful few months, my running is on hiatus, had a brief bout with noro virus.  105 pounds BMI: 17.5

UNDERWEIGHT.  Really?  I lost more than 45 pounds in 8 months with Hashimotos disease.

I have a 10k race this December 2015, and I need to get back out and start training again.  It's been unseasonably hot in Southern California.  After my spider-to-the-face incident one morning at dawn, I suddenly got lazy.  MY weight has been 107 all week and I need to stop eating shit and start working out again.

I no longer have a GW.  (That said, I'm uncomfortable seeing the scale say anything above 105 because somethings never change and I have never been more introverted and without control in my life, but I am in a much better place than I've ever been).
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